The word ‘intimacy’ in relationships is often thought to simply mean sex. But, true intimacy means much more than mere sex. In fact, if true intimacy is missing in a relationship then fulfilling and satisfying sex is one of the first things to go. Women especially need a sense of intimacy in order to feel sexual. And, sex can begin to feel pretty hollow to the man who does not feel connected in a satisfying way with his partner. However, men and women often need very different things in order to feel the sense of intimacy with their partner. It is critical to find out and deliver that which one’s partner needs. In so doing you and your partner achieve and maintain that special ‘best-friend’ or ‘soul-mate’ type of relationship which is indicative of true intimacy. At the same time a gratifying sexual relationship is usually crucial to a healthy intimate partnership. Of course, that which is needed for intimacy changes over time and in this article, “Where Did Our Love Go“.

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