In Couples Counseling Find Out…

1. The two most common mistakes women make with men.

2. The two most common mistakes men make with women.

3. What are the two most important things in a marriage (It’s not what you think).

4.The simplest, quickest ways to get romance, passion, and intimacy back into your relationship.

5. The latest research findings about relationships (e.g. unhappy spouses who get divorced were not any happier when surveyed 5 years later than spouses who stuck it out).

6. What you can do if:

a) your partner won’t talk

b) your partner won’t come to counseling

7. What does it mean when you don’t feel “in love” with your partner any more.

8. How to obtain a user’s manual for your partner:

a) What are his/her “turn-ons” and “turn-offs”?

b) What does he/she need?

c) What makes her/him “clam up”?

d) What motivates her/him?

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