Frequently Asked Questions about Marriage Counseling

Q. How long will couples counseling take?

A. It, of course, varies from couple to couple, but symptomatic relief often occurs within the first three (3) sessions.

Q. If our marriage has really a lot of problems can it be fixed?

A. Most marriages can substantially benefit from a few counseling sessions. A marriage never gets “fixed” in the sense that it doesn’t need ongoing attention and work. The couples who do the best are the ones who come 1-2 times a week for a short period of time and then continue to come infrequently for a longer period of time. This is completely optional and is up to each couple to decide their needs. Some couples come in for just 3 or 4 sessions to address a specific concern and that is a very reasonable option.

Q. My partner has a hard time talking about personal or intimate things. Will he/she be able to get help in the counseling session?

Dr. Barnett: “I try really hard to help the person in the couple that has a harder time articulating things. They are usually holding a lot of important information that the couple needs in order to grow and change and yet they are unable to feel safe enough to say what is really going on inside them.”

Q. Should I come for counseling if my spouse won’t?

A. Absolutely, yes. There are many, many things you can do on your own to make things better.

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