Client Testimonies

Dr. Barnett has helped hundreds of couples and individuals reach their goals.

What former clients have said:

  • “Our marriage was on the rocks. We were hardly speaking to each other. In just four sessions Dr. Barnett had us talking, smiling, and making dates with each other.”
  • “After the affair I just shut down and shut my spouse out. I didn’t think we’d ever have a whole happy marriage again. Dr. Barnett helped us understand, move on, and build an even stronger marriage than before.”
  • “Judith helped us move from bitter arguments to compassionate communication. We are so grateful to have our relationship and love back.”
  • “My husband was unwilling to seek any help even though divorce was looming. Judith helped me make some personal changes that motivated my husband so much he was willing to get help also. Couples should never give up!”
  • “I used to feel very strongly that my personal life and especially my marriage was too private to discuss with anyone and furthermore, too complicated for even a professional to understand let alone provide me with any real help. Since my wife and I have been seeing Dr. Barnett, I’ve been impressed with her ability to “get” complicated dynamics and she makes it safe and relatively easy to talk about almost anything.”
  • “I had been raised to believe you solved your own problems–seeking help meant you had failed and were weak. Judith has taught me just the opposite. It takes courage and strength to realize when you really need help. It hasn’t been easy but I know my wife would have left me by now without Judith’s help.”
  • “I was so upset when I first started seeing Judith that I couldn’t get through the average day without anxiety and despair. I felt hopeless that I’d ever feel normal again. She helped me understand what was happening and I was myself again. Thank you Judith for giving me my life back!”
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